Outdoor Ceiling Fans

The number of outdoor ceiling fans is almost endless, every design and style is almost closed. There is an outdoor ceiling fan to fill every house. Outdoor ceiling fans are not made in the same way as indoor ceiling fans, because outdoors mean that they need to handle humidity. All external fans need to be […]

Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

Flush mounted ceiling fans are perfect for areas with low ceilings that do not allow other types of ceiling fans to be installed.  One of the most important things to keep in mind about using these types of fans is to make sure they are at least 18 inches from the wall to the air […]

Save Money w/ Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan is trending and in addition to saving energy costs, giving a very nice decorating touch to any room. Most fans operate at more than one speed so you can customize the cooling / warming levels that suit you. Unlike central air conditioning and central heating units, ceiling fans require very little maintenance […]

Modern Ceiling Fans

Before you buy your new ceiling fan or before you build or overhaul a new home, you need to ask yourself what you want in your fans. Do you need to go for a certain style or decoration? Or do you see more straightforward functions and performance from your new purchases? Most people are looking […]